Improve Your Dog's Behavior in a Few Easy Steps

Give your dog the guidance and reinforcement they need

Dealing with a dog who doesn't want to listen? BDE Boise Dog Training is well-equipped to train dogs of all breeds and ages. With us on the job, your pooch will be a model canine citizen in no time. We offer specialized dog training and positive behavior reinforcement.

We partner with Canines With A Cause, an organization dedicated to providing disabled veterans with trained service dogs and therapy dogs. With the right training, these dogs can help veterans coping with PTSD and brain injuries.

Call 208-994-5677 now to sign your dog up for training at our academy.

Why should you come to dog training?

You might think that you don't need assistance in training your dog, but we're here to provide you with more information and helpful tips. By bringing your dog to a professional dog trainer, you can make sure that you're nipping bad habits in the bud. Structured training programs also help to forge stronger bonds between dogs and their humans.

You can come to us if:

You've just brought home a new dog
You want to train your dog for therapy service
You're trying to eliminate problem behaviors in your pup

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What makes BDE Boise Dog Training the right choice for you?

Our dog training business features trainers who are excellent at keeping your dog calm and under control. We're committed to helping you and your furry friend get along well. By working with Canines With A Cause, we hope to better connect with the veterans in our community.